Grandracmon's Chosen Bearer of Darkness, Edward has carried out the will of his God since he arrived in the Digital World at the tender age of 10. He had lived there with his partner, Devimon, for eight years prior to meeting a new group of Chosen Ones. Throughout the story he undergoes some extreme personality changes, including the shifting from a ruthless, uncaring, and withdrawn individual to an open and caring human being.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

He was born in New Jersey to a German couple, Elisa and Mattias Morgenster. He was the first born child, and was named Edward Allen Morgenstern. Approximately two and a half years later, his sister, named Samantha Elizabeth Morgenstern, was born.

As a young child, he was interested in a range of things that were socially considered feminine. He played with dolls meant for girls, and even wore dresses and make up. Unwilling to force their child to conform to social standards, his parents did not scold him or punish him for this behavior. His favorite thing to do was read books, and he spent most of his free time either playing with his sister or playing with the family cats, of which there were two.

His parents enjoyed taking their children to a local amusement park; however, on the way home from one such excursion, tragedy struck. A truck overturned on the highway, and Mattias was unable to stop his vehicle in time. The car, which was carrying himself, his wife, and his two children, spun around and crashed head first into the side of the truck, killing the adults instantly.

At this moment, Grandracmon, a God of the Digital World, intervened and rescued the children. He had been following Edward for some time and had intended on taking him on as his Trait Bearer. Not wanting to see the boy wasted, he pulled him and his sister (having taken pity on her) from the car and into a dimension between Earth and the Digital World (also known as the Spiritual World). Samantha was sent to Circuit City, which is a city of machines, to be hidden away and live out her life in peace. Edward himself was situated in the Digital World, not far from where his chosen partner lived.

The Digital World Edit

Bloodied and distraught, Edward tumbled across dead grass into a cold, barren land. He wandered on his own for a while, trying to make heads of what had happened, when he was attacked by a Devimon, who had grabbed him from behind and bitten into his neck. While the creature was drinking his blood, a device that had appeared on his body emitted a strong beam of light, which repelled the demon and caused him to be released.

Current Day Edit

Personality Edit

General Edit

Edward is an extremely flawed character. He is not only sarcastic, thick-headed, and easy to anger, but also sexist in his treatment of females to such a strong degree that he had homicidal tendencies toward them. He would not have hesitated to don his dagger and attempt to stab one of them in the back. During the course of the RP, he slowly begins to ease out of some of the more dangerous personality traits. He remains a sarcastic prat, but he is no longer likely to actually take violent action against someone; however, does not mean that he won't shoot off his mouth and try and goad someone.

Over time, Edward has become more mellow. He's not the most choice person to be around still, but he's not likely to attack you if he's mad anymore. He still gets angry easily though, and he's still likely to run his mouth.

Fighting Edit

Because he is so outspoken and sure of his beliefs, he is more than willing to fight for them, and does many times throughout the story. His most common weapon is a combination of a bow and arrows, but he is also known to use a dagger or even his bare hands. He feels useless if he is unable to take part in a particular battle, and does all he can in order to engage himself with the enemy, even if it is dangerous for his safety. He also puts his battle abilities to use in hunting, which he nearly always does with his bow.

He is acutely religious and greatly respects all the Gods, except for Kresnimon, of the digital world. When he hunts, he makes sure to use all of the digimon that he kills, and offers whatever is left over to the Gods as a sacrifice. He is known to pray often, especially to Grandracmon, and often converses with various Gods after sending them an offering through a fire.

Sexuality Edit

Edward is gay, although he does not quite understand the term that is attributed to his sexual orientation. He knows that he is attracted to the male sex, but he does not consider this abnormal. In the digital world, digimon tend not to differentiate themselves based on gender, which is primarily a social construction of Earth, and love of any sex is thought of in the same fashion. Furthermore, homosexual or bisexual tendencies in digimon are not uncommon due to their low birth rate (which is in turn due to the fact that digimon are often reborn through the will of Valkyrimon, and brand new life is not always in demand).

Since Edward had arrived in the digital world before he was aware of his sexual preference, and because the tendencies of digimon are the ones that he grew up around when he began to gain his sense of self, he never felt and guilt or disgust for what he was. He experienced quite the culture shock when he had a brief, two month stay on Earth and experienced for the very first time people who did not approve of his "choice of life-style." The view that most humans hold in regard to his sexuality is one of the leading factors that cause him to desire to remain in the digital world after the Chosen Ones destroy Kresnimon.

Eccentricities and Oddities Edit

As a young child, Edward had taken to the habit of dressing in clothes meant for girls, and even putting on make-up. Although this habit was soon extinguished under Devimon's care (mostly because he did not keep the garments), Edward continued to keep and develop some rather odd habits that set him apart from others of his own kind. He keeps his hair long, even in terms of a typical length of human females, in order to keep warm and cool during winter and summer respectively. He also has no issue with being naked, having grown up around many digimon that frequently remained unclothed. He is well known to shed his own clothing in front of groups without blinking an eye and without consideration for the fact that other humans might not be comfortable with the behavior. He waves off their concerns, citing the fact that everyone has the same set of genitals and that there is no reason to be ashamed or afraid of them.

Appearance Edit

Physical Characteristics Edit

Clothing and Accessories Edit

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