The world of New Century Dawn is very religious, and its inhabitants worship numerous active Gods, some of which are good, and some of which are evil. Each God governs one or more particular traits and holds the power to alter things with it. Some Gods choose trait bearers to be a mortal carrier of the trait. Usually these bearers are digimon, but humans may be chosen as well, despite the fact that their usage was banned by Kresnimon.

Important Gods of the Digital WorldEdit

Apollomon - Courage

Barbamon - Wealth, bounty

Beelzebumon - Mischief, destruction

Grandracmon - Darkness

Justimon - Justice, truth

Cherubimon - Friendship

Holydramon - Kindness

Ophanimon - Light

Ancientmermaimon - Serenity, grace

Lilithmon - Sorcery, temptation

Lucemon (FDM) - Peace

Marineangemon - Love, sexuality

Minervamon - Wisdom, sincerity

Phoenixmon - Freedom

Piemon - Wine, festivities

Mugendramon - Knowledge

Rosemon - Healing, Potions/Poisons

Kresnimon - Faith

Valkyrimon - Life, death, and rebirth

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