Profile Edit

Kresnimon is the most powerful and influential God in the digital world. He governs the trait of Faith, which is representative of the whole of worship of Gods in the digital world. He is responsible for keeping amongst the inhabitants of the digital world and for overseeing and rewarding the faithful for their service. Although his methods for dealing with the digital world are harsh, and many digimon hate him for his action, he truly does have the best interest of his world at heart. He acts with extreme measures, but believes that what he does is for the benefit of all, even if some creatures are harmed in the process.

Name Meaning Edit

Kresnimon is named after a type of vampire of mythology which is known interchangeably as Krusnik or Kresnik. They are holy vampires and are well known to fight against vampires that attack their home village.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Evolution Line Edit

Kudamon --> Piddomon --> Holyangemon --> Kresnimon

History Edit

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