General Edit

Kunemon is the partner of Samantha Morgenstern, the bearer of Freedom. Kunemon's evolution line is as follows: Leafmon - Minomon - Dokugumon - Arachnemon - Latrodemon. When speaking, Kunemon sounds not unlike a high-pitched Rita Repulsa; her voice deepens to normal-pitched Rita upon evolution to Dokugumon and remains as such throughout the rest of her evolutions.

History Edit

First Life Edit

Kunemon's first life was a sad one, ending in madness and murder. Her egg hatched alone and friendless, and she was alone in the world. Very few people wanted to trouble themselves with a disgusting insect, and as Kunemon, though she may be squishy, a great many Digimon don't exactly find her cute. What didn't help matters was Kunemon's way of doing things; she'd frequently insert herself into places where she wasn't wanted in her desire simply to survive and obtain food. The fact that most of her encounters with other Digimon ended in being violently driven out of the area spurred Kunemon into a lonely madness that only intensified as she grew older, evolving into first Dokugumon and then to Arachnemon. With each new evolution, the Digimon grew increasingly more mentally unstable.

In this lifetime, Arachnemon was a bloodthirsty killer, an alpha predator who devoured anything and everything she could get her webs on. Despite this, Arachnemon was not immune to loneliness, and she would often seek out gatherings of other Digimon, which would never end well. Usually, she'd find a carnival or other such activity, would let her appetite get the better of her, and be asked to leave, which wouldn't happen until a fight broke out between her and security. On one of these occasions, something happened between her and the security officer, a JewelBeemon.

Arachnemon and the JewelBeemon returned to her mountaintop cave, where they lived happily for a few weeks until Arachnemon laid a huge clutch of eggs. It was at this point that the extent of her madness became clear. Shortly after laying the eggs, she immediately turned on JewelBeemon, intending to kill him so that the eggs would have food once they hatched, saying that she was planning on using the children to take over a small portion of the Digital World. They fought, and JewelBeemon managed to flee with his life in tact.

Not long after this, Arachnemon was approached by an Icedevimon who offered her one of the Chosen humans for her babies to feed on. Arachnemon eagerly accepted his offer, and IceDevimon soon brought her Edward Morgenstern. Edward was rescued by the other Chosen, and Arachnemon and all of her eggs were killed. Instead of simply dying, Arachnemon was allowed to be reborn, and only her egg remained after the fight.

Second Life Edit

Kunemon's egg hatched once the Chosen were bedded down for the night after rescuing Edward. As Leafmon, she promptly made a huge racket, disturbing the sleep of some of the Chosen. She stowed away in the Chosen's luggage, unnoticed by most everyone, as the group made its way back to Edward and Devimon's castle.

There, during the fight with Betsumon, Leafmon evolved to Minomon and attempted to help, evolving again to Kunemon as the battle went on. At this point, she had no idea why she was with this group; she attempted to insinuate herself with James, but no real connection was made.

Kunemon remained at the fringes of the group until the group made its way to Circuit City, at which point Samantha was brought into the fold. She and the girl quickly bonded with each other.

Personality Edit

Kunemon is a strange little Digimon whose habits can be off-putting to those who don't know her well (not that this stops her from occasionally weirding out those who do). She has a fixation with berries, and if they are present, she'll completely forget about table manners, personal boundaries, or proper sanitation.

After learning of the truth of her first life in the Shrine of Knowledge, Kunemon remembers that time as well as she would have had she not died. The thought of her first life usually fills her with great regret, and she has repeatedly apologized to the others for the way she used to be.

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