Liamon is Edward’s Familiar. Edward found her egg on the beach and she’d been with the group sense hatching. She likes to play a lot and tries to get the other digimon, especially Devimon Edward’s main partner, to play with her. At first the two didn’t get along that well, once he even made her cry when he said play tag or hide and seek sound like torture. He hadn’t meant he thought being around her was torture, but that’s how she took it.

With time they stated getting along better but things really changed after Vamdemon (Devimon perfect form) saved her from Panleomon. The Perfect level lion had seen her in her adult form Huntressmon and kidnapped her. He’d wanted her to mother his children.  She didn’t tell him but after Vamdemon had saved her, she’d started to fall in love with him.
Just recently as Lionessmon (Her Perfect from) she was chained to Vamdemon by MarineAngemon, The god of love. While the where chained together at the festive they told each other how they felt. Lionessmon was surprised that he felt the same about her.

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