Shawn’s the bearer of Peace and Harmony. He’s the last of the chosen to be pulled into the digital world. His God Lucemon summoned him into the digital world while the head god Kresnimon was weakened after fighting the other chosen. He appeared alone on the out skirts of Elecmon’s, his soon to be partner, village. In the village he meets Edward Morgenstern, the bearer of Darkness, and with him go’s to meet up with the others.


On Earth

Shawn’s the youngest child of Steven and Sandra Summers. He's 17 and has lived in Sandy, Utah all his life. For the most part it's been uneventful and normal. He’s had normal childhood accidents like falling out of trees or crashing his bike, but nothing bad every happened to him.

He didn’t get straight A’s, but he’s done well in school and has plenty of friends. He even had a girl friend, Alex Tanner. He has done a few rebellious things though, so he’s not a perfect little angle. Once at a part his friends talked him into going to he tried pot and some bear, but after getting pretty sick he’s decide he wasn’t doing that again.

He likes being outdoors and often went hiking (during the summer) or snowboarding (during the winter) with his friends up Snowbird or Alta. When not doing that he’d often be found at his grandparents helping with their horses. He loves the animals and is a really good rider.

He worked at the Burger King in town. He didn’t care much for the job, but it was money. Most of what he’d earned he tossed into a bank account to save for college. His dad was going to help him go to school but he still wanted to have money put away.

His Family

He has two older sisters. Sarah the oldest is 20 and go’s to BYU. She studying geology and early earth history. As it’s a long drive she stays at a woman’s dorm and only comes home over the week end to save on gas. Sarah is a little shorter than Shawn is (about 5’5”) and has lighter brown hair that go’s half way down her back. She takes after their mom and has a slim build. Don’t let her appearance fool you though, she’s much stronger then she looks.

His other sister is Shannon is 18 and is a senior in High School. She’s more of a tomboy and has her dark brown hair cut short. She likes to style it somewhat but never get crazy with it as she doesn’t want to test how far she can push their dad. She’s just as tall as him and is more muscular then Sarah.

His father Steven is 43. He’s a tall man, just a little taller than Shawn (about 6”), and has short dark brown hair. He’s got a muscular build but could use a bit more exercise. He’s a strict man and a bit of a racist. He’s always going on about how the government needs to send immigrants back where they came from. And unless you want to listen to an hour long rant don’t mention the words Les, gay or bi around him.

He’s never told his kids why he doesn’t like gays, though he did tell his wife once. He had a gay friend (Doug) that had like him and tired to push him into a relationship. Things got out of hand when his friend tried to force himself on him. After that their friendship went down the drain.

Even though he has his faults he’s done a good job at being a father for the most part. He likes to do family things and has no problem’s talking to his kids if they come to him.

He's the head boss of the Burger King fast food restraints in the area. He's out are going for store to store a lot. He enjoys the job as he gets to boss a lot of people around.

His mother Sandra is 40. She’s a skinny woman that’s as tall as Sarah and has the same slim build. She’s bit depressed. She’s worried about her job at the newspaper and about the fact she’s getting older. She buys age creams wanting to look younger.

She does her best not let it show though, and acts cheerful around her kids. Unlike her husband she’s not as strict with them and doesn’t share a lot of his views.


His birthday is January 5, 1991and he was born durning the year of the horse.



He’s a friendly kind of person that would stop and help someone if they’re in need. He’d also never expect to something in return for his kindness. He not that hard to surprise or even shock, as he’s been rather closeted most of his life. He doesn’t get angry at others easily though so when it happens it’s a big deal.

He loves animal and see them hurt or being heart is one of the sure ways at anger him. He doesn’t like violence of any kind.

As he’s spent time in the digital world he’d tried to accept his trait and has become more diplomatic then he’d been on earth.


As he doesn’t like violence and he see’s fighting as a form of it he does fight unless he has too. He’s got a two headed morning star as he doesn’t feel it’s wrong to have a means to defend himself, he that he knows the basics of how to use. He just hopes he never really needs to use it.

He doesn’t really like it when his partner fights either, but as he only does when there’s really no other way, he can deal with it as a fact of life.


He’s always been Bi but refused to acknowledge it at first. He claimed he hate gay's and wanted nothing to do with them. That’s changed as he’d been in the digital world though. As it’s not a sin there he slowly let himself (with nudges for a perverted fairy to help get him started) accept it and even admit he liked one of his team mates.

He knew next to nothing about sex of any kind at first but that too is changing.


He has Dark brown medium wavy hair, and brown eyes. He’s got tall (he’s about 5’8”) slightly lean, muscular build. He’s got lightly tanned skin from being outdoors a lot. He didn’t have any noticeable scars before entering the digital world. Sense then he’d gained one on his left arm.

He normally wears dark jean and a button up long sleeved shirt over a white tee, and brown boots. His favorite shirt is a gray button up hoodie with an eagle on the back. He picked up a brown coat with fur timings in the digital world for when it’s cold. He has two silver band earrings on his left ear. On his wrist he wears the watch he got from his grandpa.

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