The digital world in New Century Dawn is like nothing you have ever seen in digimon. This digital world is a much more real version of what you have come to know and understand. I had this up on the last thread, but I have yet to remember it all. This section will probably be updated often.

--Chosen humans are humans that are chosen by a particular god to do its bidding and act like a servant to them.
--Gods govern the digital world and can interfere in the lives of digimon.
--The primary god of the digital world is a vampiric angel known as Kresnimon.
--A digimon's body can remain behind after it is killed so that the meat can be eaten or so that the fur can be made into clothing.
--Crests and digivices are representations of a god's power. A digimon 'can' evolve without them.
--Crests can be found inside a shrine, which only a trait bearer may enter.
--Digivices are manufactured by a god to aid their chosen trait bearer.
--Digimon are creatures that do not follow gender. They have sex, but do not have gender roles like on Earth.
--Digimon are sexual creatures with sexual organs. Digimon can sexually reproduce with said sexual organs. 
--The rate of fertility is low, so attempts at sexual reproduction are often fruitless. However, it is not unknown to occur.
--Sexual reproduction occurs successfully more often in species that lay eggs than in mammals.
--When a digimon is killed in battle, in an actual fight, its body turns into data and dissipates into the air.
--IF a god or goddess chooses so, the digimon may be turned into an egg and left at the scene of a battle.
--Digimon species do not follow lore that is stated in places such as card descriptions or the DMA. For instance, babamon were not once rosemon, and devimon are not fallen angels, ect, ect.
--'X' digimon do not exist in the RP. Digimon that carry the 'X' virus normally, according to lore, such as Grandracmon, simply do not have it in this RP.
--digimon attacks that heal other creatures won't affect humans as strongly as they would another digimon.
--Humans can kill digimon, even fairly high level ones, with weapons, such as daggers, swords, or a bow and arrow.

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